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Infrastructure Commission // The Wired

This is the home page for the Infrastructure Commission, or INFRACOM, for the World Wide Web, or the Wired for short. It was brought into existence on Thursday, November 18th, 2021, and was the first INFRACOM to be made.


The Wired INFRACOM was created to revisit the engineering of the World Wide Web from a politically cognizant but ultimately technical perspective. The stewards of the Web in the past twenty years have come to defile the cow, so to speak, turning it from an open place with countless multiplicities into a cold, hollow, monolithic husk to be farmed of value by a class of owner elites.


The practical outcome of this defenestration has been a Web filled with ads, a Web that stifles popular dissent, and a Web that discourages and buries every kind of nuance that lacks obvious hedonistic value to its users. This INFRACOM's mission is to reverse such trend by regaining control over the dictation of the protocols that the Web operates on. It will do this by applying unmatched engineering expertise with the timeless Theory of Legitimacy. It cannot be stopped by the incumbent stewards short of their resignation to the new ideals enshrined here that so many surely value.

Among other things, the Wired INFRACOM will come to define protocols that support the passive transmission of many things your computers use every day, like HTTP, HTML and more. With these protocols in place providing benefits as a merely more efficient medium of exchange, they will be devolved into vastly simpler protocols than boasted by the likes of the W3C. These simplified protocols will then be the baseline of operational support for a new era of software engineering where things are built to stand the test of time. This idea, its implications and relations to the current world are all explained in detail in Alexander Nicholi's Ethos for Sustainable Computing.


  1. ib - Internetworked binary master protocol